Person file description

Person file description in accordance with Section 10 of the Personal Data Act (Henkilötietolaki, 523/1999)


Business ID: 0648115-9
Meriniitynkatu 17
FI-24101 SALO
Tel. +358 2 777 7800

Contact information for the person responsible for the register

Arja Vainio,
Tel. +358 2 777 7882
Mobile +358 400 424 462

Name of the register

SATEL’s marketing register

Usage of the register

The personal information is used for marketing, sales, and other comparable addressed mailed items (e.g. market research) from SATEL and the companies within the same group.

Information stored in the register

First and last name
Contact information
Name of the company
Contact information for the company
Information on participation in direct marketing campaigns

Regular sources of data

Personal information is mainly collected from the people whose data is being registered. Personal information can also be collected and updated from the registers of other companies within the same group as SATEL, as well as public and commercial registers.

Disclosing information

Information can be disclosed for direct marketing purposes, unless the data subject has separately prohibited it. Personal information is not disclosed to parties outside the EU or ETA.

Security of the register

The register is protected against external use. Only persons whose job assignments require managing the data in the register have access to it. The register is protected with personal user identifiers and passwords.